Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Polished Vision

The Polished Girlz Organization envisions a community in which every special needs youth experiances nurturing on-to-one relationships and peer support through promoting hygeine and nail care, this in turn allows them to develop into their full potential capable of feeling respected, encouraged, and included.
How Polished is that!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall into nail Fashion

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The Polished Girlz don't just paint nails! They are known for their glitter art, stickers and hand drawn designs. So to get the volunteers motivated for all of our great fall service dates we have decieded to post the coolest in fall nail trends, some may be eady and some may be difficult but they are all "Polished"!

Stay Polished Girlz!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Polished Mission

The Mission of Polished Girlz Inc is simple because it came from the heart of its now 11 year old founder Alanna something easy to understand and easy to facilitate:
The Mission of the Polished Girlz Inc. is to empower Girls with Special needs or frequent hospitalizations to develop increased self esteem and improve their quality of life by promoting hygiene and self perception.
Handwashing Saves Lives
-You Go Girlz!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Polished Children's Medical Center

It took a while to put into words the experiance that we had this month at the Children's Medical Center. First, it was such an honor to be there bringing smiles to the patients and their families, but more than that it showed our young volunteers how special their peer to peer support really is. Not often are you able to witness so much care, and love between young strangers and we were so proud of them. I would like to personally thank the Vandaila Butler Varsity Volleyball team!
I know that the Vandalia Butler Varsity volleyball team is used to taking the ball and spiking it, but this past Wednesday their performance as volunteers for the non profit organization Polished let us know that they were a team of true All Stars.
The Polished Girlz organization was founded by 10yo Alanna Wall. Now, 11, Alanna’s teams of volunteers have served close to 300 special needs, and hospital clients, including children in Ohio and Illinois.
The Polished Girlz mission is simple; teach hygiene and hand washing to children with special needs, or that are hospitalized by having their peers polish and create nail art on their nails. This peer to peer support leads to increase self esteem, self perception, and for some very sick children a chance to just feel “normal” like they are hanging out with friends.
Led by Alanna and Vandalia Butler Varsity  Volleyball senior classmen Kyla Nardecchia, Alyssa Ryerse, Whitney Barftknecht and Alisha Rakestraw as well as coach Stacey Whetstone the entire team came out to polish the children at Children’s Medical Center as Polished Girlz volunteers, lifting the spirits of the children and their families.
“We simply could not have done it without all of these girls; they were an active example of everything Alanna hoped the Polished Girlz would become” says Polished Girlz Executive Director Valerie Ragland RN BSN.
 And what did our young founder think when this team of teens came to help her serve, she stated “I feel like they did a great job and they definitely put a sparkle in all of the patients lives today!” Coach Jeff Kreill even stated that the girls were still talking about the event in school the next day and recanted how each time he asked a team member how it went he got a “hand to the heart” and they said how much they loved it.
The entire Polished Girlz family would like to recognize the Vandalia Butler Varsity Volleyball team for their support, dedication and hard work. We could not have done it without them.

To learn more about the Polished Girlz organization or to make a donation please visit our website at and be sure to “like” our facebook page which gives detailed accounts of their events and polish schedule for future volunteers. If you have a special needs support group, or are a hospital representative and would like for the Polished Girlz to visit your organization please email

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