Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rated PG {Polished Girlz}- Muscular Dystrophy

This year the Polished Girlz are the glam squad for the Muscular Dystrophy summer camp Hollywood night, and Girlz we gotta bring IT!
 What I like about this design is the silver streaks over the black, to me it  makes the design look like silver sand, it is great for any superstar! What little star would not want to have Beyonce inspired nails, I know I would, as a matter of fact this may be the design winner of the week!
 This artist Naritaz is great for us because with her designs, you don't have to have super long nails  and more importantly she makes her tutorials so easy that even a beginner can try them out and be successful.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rated PG {Polished Girlz}-Summit Academy

The Polished Girlz are so excited to "Polish" the beautiful girls of Summit Academy for their Prom this year. We cannot wait to visit you and make your prom day even more special!
Here is a tutorial that will get our team members inspired for your event, we will certainly be ready for you on Prom Night with some new design techniques!

Monday, March 28, 2011

All that Glitters- United Rehabilitation Services

Today we had the pleasure of visiting URS to "polish" the ladies! It was our first visit and we could not wait-it was also my first day of spring break and that was great too!
As we entered the activity room we knew that it was going to be a busy day and we were ready! We had polish, we had glitter,we had art paint and stickers and we were ready to roll.
URS serves over 300 men, women, and children daily, who have special needs some who are aged, blind or disabled. They do great work with activities and support for their clients and we were happy to be there for them today.
Ms Diane {O} was our tour guide and leader today, and she gave us a detailed orientation on how this remarkable program works. It was also a pleasure to meet the awesome staff that were so loving and kind not only to their clients but to us,as visitors, as well.
Let the fun begin! We polished almost 20 "Girlz" today all with different needs and request, some hearing impaired, some in wheelchairs, some without vision but all beautiful and eager to be "polished". We made some wonderful new friends and now we have polished special women all over this city ages 5-63 which has made Me very proud.
Because of this visit, I am formally changing our age requirements for services. There will now be a policy that no age restrictions are allowed, these phenomenal women reminded me that we are all "Girlz" at heart!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rated PG {Polished Girlz}- Cute Fun Dots . . . . . .

Dots are great but this is dots and more. This design is very fun and easy . Its great for nails of all  lengths.You can use any colors you like, lights, darks, they are all cool.
 For our youth team members  this is great practice for different styles, color, and details. Our vision for Polished Girlz is to give our special clients not only fun colors but unique art as well. We want every girl to leave us feeling "Polished" the more we learn the more creative we can be .
Practice makes "Polished"
- Alanna

Monday, March 21, 2011


How cool is that, no polish! This look was achieved on me using stickers by Sally Hansen nails, for about
6-9 dollars you can look like you just stepped out of the nail salon. We love these so easy,no mess, you cant mess it up and for our girls that may be sensitive to the polish this is a great way to still get new looks for your nails.

. . . of course you can always spruce them up with a little creativity.These are mine but lets see what else we can find in the style files, a great tip is to use a clear coat top every few days to make them last longer

Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

from the style file of Enamil Girl!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

All that Glitters

The Polished Girlz have so many exciting events coming up this year and we cannot wait to fill you in! One event in particular- our biggest event ever will have over 2000 people in attendance Whoa, more on that in the very near future! We are also in the process of our new blog design by one of the best designers ever and website launch!
In the interest of organization we are going to transition our post in a way that will make for easy navigation when the new blog launches so that readers will already be familiar with the new blog headers.

All That glitters
All that glitters will spotlight the organizations that we are working with, and wonderful stories about great children with special needs so that they become as close to your heart as they are in ours.
Yesterday we {Polished} the Down Syndrome Association of the Miami Valley, it was our second time and what a pleasure! The Founder of the organization Ms Patty Ann Dixon was there and gave the girls lots of love and support and was so excited to have them there.
One of the coolest things of the night was that when we arrived and walked around the corner we heard little whispers "The Polished Girlz are here!" that made us feel better than they will ever know.

We had a wonderful experience with the beautiful Ms {L}, who was polished by our very own founder 10 year old  Ms Alanna, Ms {L] is an adult, and after she was done with her service she held out her hands and said " I got my nails done, and I'm going on a date, to the movies and out to dinner!" Ms {L} we are so happy that we could make you smile!

We were super excited to have new team member {Sophia} who did an awesome job! After her in service she jumped right in there and got to work. Hard work and volunteering are nothing new for {Sophia}, at the tender age of 12 she had volunteered more than 500 hours with the humane society saving the lives of animals and helping them find their forever homes. Sophia it was a pleasure to have you, we cannot wait until our next event!

This is truly a work of Heart!
Enjoy- The Girlz

Friday, March 18, 2011

What Kind of Youth Volunteer are You?

Now that you have decided to volunteer, here is a great quiz to lead you in the right direction of what kind of volunteer organization would work best for your. {hopefully its the Polished Girlz all the way!}
Thanks to YouthNoise for this awesome head start.

What causes or issues matter most to me? Education? Health? Homelessness?
  • What organizations address this issue?
  • Are these organizations in my community?
  • Where can I find more information about these organizations? (The magical Internet is usually a good place to start.)
  1. Am I concerned about a cause for which there is no organization?
    • Would I like to learn how to tackle a new issue?
    • Do I know other people who would be interested in taking this on with me?
    • What's the best way to do this? Should we start an online campaign or a school club or perhaps a secret society?
  2. What types of things am I good at doing? (Writing, working with kids, construction work, art, interpretive dance)
    • Can my skills from a hobby or recreational activity benefit others?
    • Do I want to use my talents as a volunteer?
    • Do I want to learn a new set of skills?
  3. What would I most like to learn by volunteering?
  4. What DON'T I want to do as a volunteer?
  5. Do I want an ongoing, short-term or one-time assignment? Do I want to start a serious relationship, or would I prefer to keep things casual?
  6. How much time do I really have to spare?
  7. Do I want my volunteer work to start immediately?
  8. Do I want to work alone, with a group or with family and friends?
    • What kind of people do I want to work with? What kind of people do I NOT want to work with? (Fear of clowns should be noted)
  9. Do I want to take a training course if the agency or organization offers it?
Enjoy Girlz!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What Makes a Good Youth Volunteer?

We get lots of questions wondering how we choose our young volunteers for this organization. We believe that you are never too young to share your gifts of love with others although for safety and privacy reasons we do need to make sure that our young leaders are ready to work directly with our clients. Here is an amazing example of what makes a great volunteer from :

Be selfless. Selfless is the opposite of selfish. Don’t think about what you can do to help yourself. Think about what you can do to help others.

Be well-trained. Know what you’re doing as a volunteer. If you need some time to learn your job, take that time. If you need training or need someone to show you what you’re supposed to do, speak up. If you’re good at your job, it will be much easier to help others (plus you’ll have a lot more fun).
Be dependable. Do what you say you’ll do, and do your best. Don’t show up late, and always keep your promises. People will be relying on you so you don’t want to let them down.
Be enthusiastic. Don’t moan and groan your way through your volunteer work. If you really don’t like what you’re doing, find something else. Always have a positive attitude and show others that you’re doing this because you WANT to.
Be open-minded. One of the really great things about being a volunteer is the chance to learn and experience new things. Keep your mind open to new possibilities, and you’ll probably grow as a person.
Be respectful. Always remember to show respect for other people and other cultures. Keep in mind that your way of thinking or living is not the only way there is.
Be cooperative. Don’t be a “hot shot” or a loner. Don’t try to do everything yourself. Work as part of a team to make sure everyone gets a chance to participate and do his or her fair share of work. If someone asks for help, be willing to lend a hand. If you need some help, ask politely for it.
Be understanding. Try to see things through other people’s eyes. Try your best to understand what other people are going through, even if it’s something you’ve never dealt with yourself.
Be humble. Humble people don’t brag or go around telling everyone about all the good things they’ve done just to get some attention or feel superior. They’re happy knowing that they’re making a difference, and don’t need to shout about it.
Be friendly. Treat others like friends, and they’ll do the same for you. Many people who volunteer meet new people with whom they want to stay friends. You might just meet someone who becomes a buddy for the rest of your life!


Monday, March 14, 2011

A Princess and Her Polish

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Today the Polished Girlz received a donation of love and generosity from two of the most influential women to the concept behind this entire organization.
We received of 15 new nail polishes and nail decals from Princess Kimberlie and her Phenomenal mother Queen {K}.
Almost three years ago Queen {K}'s battle with breast cancer and Princess Kimberlie's love of all things pink,  posh,  and  polished encouraged Alanna to want to create and donate bedazzled scarves for women and children with cancer.
After much research and brainstorming, and the wonderful knowledge from Queen {K} that sometimes patients with Cancer have very sensitive scalps, and the scarves may make them uncomfortable, 8 year old Alanna decided to hold off on the project until we could find a project that would both make these special women feel good, and not in any way make them hurt.
After Alanna was introduced to glitter nails on a trip to LasVegas, her passion was again sparked. We could paint nails! Princess Kimberlie was known all over for her hot pink and bedazzled office gear, what if we combine Alannas love of art, glitter and all things girlie to make young girls with special needs, or health risk smile all over. With Polish!
The Polished Girlz were born. At years end we will have touched the lives of over 200 children, next year we hope to more than double that number, and with an expansion to Chicago this spring it not just possible it is probable.
With the love and support of our community leaders and Fairy Godmothers, a host of volunteers and support staff, the Polished Girlz are on their way to making a real difference.
What is our long term goal, to raise enough money to help support the researchers that are finding a cure for cancer, Queen {K} the Polished Girls would like to dedicate that goal in your honor.

Style File {Black}

Today I have cute black nails and an explanation of how we did it! This is a great way for a young girl my age {10.5} to wear dark nails! Volunteers can use this simple dazzle technique to really make the girls smile!

Top Coat LacquerLa Nails Black
Royal Blue Glitter

Personal mix of black, purple, silver, and light blue

Friday, March 11, 2011

How Sweet it is!

                                               View Image
The Polished Girlz would like to wish Sophia {B} a very Happy Birthday! Sweet 13!
 How amazing you are to dedicate your life to making the lives of young woman and animals better. Sophia is a champion who was even crowned Volunteer of the Month at the Humane Society.
We wish you much success this year and thank you for being a part of the Polished Girlz Team- Ohio!
Love- The Girlz

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Down Syndrome Association

The Polished Girlz are proud to announce that we will be 'Polishing" the beautiful girls of the Down Syndrome Association of the miami Valley for the year of 2011. We had such a wonderful time at the last Association event and we were able to bring smiles to lots of girls and thier families. I think that 6 year old  {C} summed it up best after she had her nails painted pink with purple glitter 'My Mommy Loved it" she said with the biggest smile ever, no {C}, We loved it and we love you, cant wait to see you again March 17th.
For more information on the Down Syndrome Association please visit their website at

To donate nail polish or polish supplies to the Polished Girlz please email us at

Love- The Girlz

Welcome to Polished Girlz- Volunteer Youth Nail Glam Team

Hello All,
 Welcome to the Polished Girlz blog! On this blog you will find cool updates on the Polished Girlz non profit organization. We are a group of kids that polish nails for girls with special needs.
 The Polished Girlz Organization was started by 10yo Alanna J. Wall, we hope to leave every girl we visit feeling Polished and we love seeing the smiles on the girls faces when we have done nail art for them.
We also hearing the words of love,encouragement and support for our team so feel free to leave a comment. This blog will give updates on our cool sponsors, celebrity endorsements, and fairy godmothers, but most importantly this blog will share the wonderful stories of the good work that we are doing and how these teams may soon spread all over the United States, we hope so because as we always say, "every girl should feel polished."

Love-The Girlz
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