Thursday, June 30, 2011

Baby Elijah ~ A "Polished" Recovery

Today was a good day!

Baby Elijah the young infant that was critically injured when his family vehicle was struck was a vision of perfect health today. The Polished Girlz were privileged to polish for a special fundraising event for Baby Elijah when he was still in intensive care at Children's Medical Center. It is so awesome to see him smile laugh and experience his new life post accident, with the joy of living at home instead of the hospitals. Elijah we are so very proud of you  and even though you have a long road ahead of you we proud that we could support your family event and that you let us see your beautiful smile.
-How Polished is that!

Friday, June 24, 2011

We Live United by adding Sparkle and Shine

The Polished Girlz founder Alanna Jai Wall interviews with United Way after receiving the Volunteer of the Month Award for June!

June Community Volunteer of the Month
Alanna WallAlanna Wall lives united by putting a sparkle in the lives of others. Volunteer Connection is proud to announce Alanna Wall as the Community Volunteer of the Month.

As the founder of the organization Polished Girlz, Alanna Wall has changed the lives of so many adults and her peers with her creativity, caring heart, and a little glitter. In February 2011 at the age of 10, Alanna decided to get some friends together to do something special for girls with special needs. In the words of Alanna, “glitter makes everything better.” That is exactly what she set out to do - change the lives of others - and thus Polished Girlz was formed.

With the help and tremendous support of her mother, Ms. Valerie Ragland, Polished Girlz began contacting local nonprofit organizations to see if they could cheer up clients by polishing their finger nails. “I was hesitant because the girls were so young,” states Diane Osman from United Rehabilitation Services. Diane took a chance on Alanna, and her team, accompanied by her mother.  What an enormous pleasure the meeting turned out to be for Alanna, the Polished Girlz, and the staff and clients of United Rehabilitation Services!

In February, Alanna set a goal to bring cheer to at least 100 clients by polishing their nails. As of now, the Polished Girlz have already touched the lives of 135 clients with disabilities from various organizations, and she expects to have served 500 clients by the end of 2011. What started earlier this year as a way to do something special for a couple of girls with special needs has transformed into a revelation of what one person can do to change their community and the world. Alanna and the Polished Girlz have already brought sparkle into the lives of the clients and staff from United Rehabilitation Services, The Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association, The Wesley Center, Relay for the Cure, The Greater Dayton Muscular Dystrophy Association, The Down Syndrome Buddy Walk, and private clients with chronic and/or terminal illnesses.

Alanna ensures that the mission and focus of Polished Girlz is centered around building strong leaders and independent thinkers while providing a service that improves the self-perception and quality of life of their clients. With the help of Alanna’s mom, Polished Girlz stresses the importance of washing your hands, and they clean their utensils with the same products as licensed nail technicians. Trainings and orientation for new girls interested in Polished Girlz are held by Alanna and supporters at the K12 Gallery for Young People.

A representative from the Polished Girlz Board Members, Ms. Carmen Bostic, is very excited to be a part of history in the making and such a positive effort. Alanna is such an inspiration to adults as well as her peers with such a spirit of perseverance. She is so dedicated that she volunteered to help with clients at United Rehabilitation Services on her Spring Break from her school, Richard Allen Academy Elementary. Thank you, Alanna, for putting a sparkle in our lives.

United Way’s Volunteer Connection is proud to recognize Alanna Wall as the Community Volunteer of the Month of June.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Wesley Center~We are all Girlz at Heart


The "Polished Girlz" founder Alanna Jai Wall with 96 year old Ms Freeman of the Wesley Center.

Last week the Polished Girlz participated in an inter-generational service activity for the Wesley Center. Just being around these remarkable Ladies gave Alanna the opportunity to serve those that have been serving others for so long. 96 year old Ms Freeman said that she had been working since she was 6 years old and to see Alanna serving at such a young age was a "beautiful thing".  The Ladies talked about how they are going to hit the dance floor and go out in nice dresses, all because they got their nails done.
They felt pretty and sharp and were amazed at Alannas creativity and nail art. Some of the Ladies even let Alanna do whatever she wanted, and smiled form ear to ear when they saw her choices, especially when she added the glitter!
Well Ladies I think that we have all been "polished" by this opportunity and we cannot wait to see you again ~ Soon

Monday, June 20, 2011

Down in the Southland- Chicago

Well as you know the Polished Girlz have kicked off Team Chicago and we could not be more proud of our team! This group of young volunteers got right into action with Down in the Southland ,a group that promotes friendships among children with Down Syndrome Chicago area. Please check out their website for more information and any support that this wonderful organization may need!
After a brief introduction and hand washing in service, the girls were treated to classic Polished Girlz service! Nail art with a smile by their peer youth volunteers, and all of the colors, glitters, and nail stickers they could dream of! We all  left there all smiles after having a wonderful time with the girls and we hope to see them again  very soon!
Please remember that handwashing saves lives and although the service of the Polished Girlz Youth nail art Team is nail art and nail painting, the Core of the Polished Girlz organization is spreading the word on how important it is to keep your hands clean and away from your faces to reduce the spread of infection and germs.

A Note of Thanks

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The Polished Girlz are so thankful for the note of support from former Major Rhine McLin:

Dear Alanna J. Wall;
I read about you receiving a Proclamation for your outstanding vision for having an organization to volunteer. I am so very proud of you, continue your good work in school, family, and community.

Rhine McLin

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Polished Girlz are Going to Africa!

Everyday there is something new with this remarkable organization, more clients to serve,  and more volunteers willing to help, but we have never received a request quite like this! The Polished Girlz have been invited Ghana, West Africa!
We will  be Polishing the medically fragile children there, and it will be an experience of a lifetime for volunteers and clients alike.
How many times does such a young organization such as this get to travel around the globe to build a presence and serve such a beautiful people? We hope many, many more!
Parents often ask what is in Alanna's heart that has made her such a giving spirit at such a young age, I don't have a clear answer but I know that in our home service is rewarded and applauded. You are praised just as much for helping someone else as you are for getting good grades and helping yourself. We try to teach her to be selfless and kind but she was born with a heart of gold, we just try to "polish" it from time to time.
We welcome with love, Sue Vickers our Director of Global Affairs.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Polished Thank You OPI

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On Monday we received a package like no other from the wonderful company OPI! This gracious donation will allow the Polished Girlz to "polish" over 400 hospitalized or medically fragile children that are unable to share polishes, while giving them the same great style and colors that our other special needs clients enjoy.
 For the Polished Girlz Team, this was the very first major donation that we have ever received and I will tell you we were simply blown away.
OPI not only encouraged our great work by ensuring that we had the supplies needed to complete our service, but they were warm, loving and caring though the entire process. Gabriel {C} at OPI went above and beyond for us and we promise to never let them down.
The Polished Girlz was started initially by Alanna Jai Wall at the age of 10, wanting not only to serve her community, but to encourage emerging young leaders to do the same, and for our clients, they are given peer support and attention while learning the importance of hand washing, self perception, and hygiene.
 It is amazing the simple act of "polishing" someones nails can turn into a life altering event for all involved.
I am so proud of these young volunteers, taking the initiative to serve others and give their vacation time, and holiday time, half school day time, and sometimes even weekend time to brighten someone Else's day.
Thanks to OPI, because of you, we can serve so many more children and it is our pleasure and our honor! We love you OPI.
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