Friday, November 18, 2011

Giving Thanks

Well, as the year is winding down and the Polished Girlz reflect on how much each and every one of our clients have touched our lives and the lives of the other volunteers we are proud to have met and cared for some of the most remarkable clients ever.

 They are the kids that often times are not treated the same, or receive the same care free day to day that a lot of children are so privileged to have, but they smile and show love and gratitude for everything that they have been blessed with anyway.

Yesterday we polished {K} at the Down Syndrome Association. This was not the first time that we had the privilege of adding sparkle and shine to Ms {K} but it was the first time that I had ever been approached by her Dad. Such a loving and proud father of few words. He said to me, "you know, I just want to thank you guys for polishing her, I cannot believe that she is now walking around with her hands up just to make sure that the nails dry," and he gave a smile that you could tell meant so much more than a Dad that was happy to see his daughter with half dry pink glitter nails. As I looked over at {K} I realized that not only was she holding up her hands, but she was holding up her chin, looking straight ahead at the glitter and sparkle, and she looked around the room as if to check if anyone else saw her new hands and new smile.
 It was at that moment that the Polished Girlz Organization clicked even more than it ever had before. I was a witness to a young girl holding her hands and her head up for maybe not the first time, but for a really important time, because she was proud and felt beautiful, and that was my Thanksgiving Gift this year.

With Love~

We are all different which make us all exactly the same.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Don't just Sit there Do Something

The Polished Girlz are pleased  and excited to announce that we have been awarded the
 Do Seed Grant for non profits that are making a difference in their communities! We are so excited about what this award means for us. Not only is there a grant involved that helps with the cost of running a non profit organization but they offer so much additional support for the organizations. They are trying to motivate young people to serve in their communities.
We are honored that they thought that Alanna and the Polished Girlz were a group that they would like to work with and mentor. If you are interested in starting a Polished Girlz Team in your community please email us at or if you have a desire to motivate youth to serve for a different cause please check out Do they are more than willing to help!

~You Go Girlz!
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