Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Polished Girlz Pink!

Well, we are super excited about whats to come this year for the Polished Girlz!
So far in January we have been able to serve the Children's Medical Center, the Down Syndrome Association, the United Rehabilitation Services, and have added to our list of clients Mended Little Hearts in both Ohio and Illinois.  We re also in the process of starting teams across the US.
We get so excited about the opportunity to serve, and the opportunity to have our volunteers all over serve children that are in the hospital and children with special needs.
One of the coolest things that has happen for us was our Partnership this Holiday Season with Orly Beauty,one of the nations top nail polish manufactures. Not only did we get to tour their facility in California where they treated Alanna like an Angel, but they surprised us by naming a Polish after us, Polished Girlz Pink! How cool is that!
We have been able to try out the Polished Girlz Pink on several of our clients and I must tell you they are in Love! And we love when we give these girls something that they love.

One of the children in the hospital was supposed to get discharged on the day when we were scheduled to polish. They received some news that would keep her in the hospital for a day or so extra and she was not excited about that at all. She had a couple of her friends that were able to visit here during her stay and they were still there when the Polished Girlz came to visit. What started off as a boring time in a small hospital room with a dear friend ended up being a cool spa date between girls, the smiles were endless and we could not be more proud. Instead of sending one volunteer to her room we sent a team of three cool teenagers with all of the glitter and stickers you could possibly think of and the Polished Girlz Spa was official open in her room.
They enjoyed every minute of the pampering and so did we. To hear her mom talk on the phone and say "we, are gonna be home late, the girls are getting Mani's, Yes in the hospital." was one Polished Feeling, and believe me it was our pleasure!

~You Go Girlz

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