Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mended Little Hearts

Our newest clients on a bi monthly schedule are the lovely little ones of Mended Little Hearts. Mended Little Hearts,  is a support program for parents of children with congenital heart defects/heart disease, they are dedicated to inspiring hope in those who care for the littlest heart patients of all. Mended Little Hearts offers resources and a caring support network as families find answers and move forward to find healing and hope.
On this visit we had a special treat! The Polished Girlz received a box of Wish wands as a donation from the wonderful Lilly Pearl. Each of our clients was able to choose their very own wish wand and make a wish. Oh How we wished this event would never end!!
Thank you to our special volunteers the Girl Scouts of Wilmington Ohio for bringing extra love to these children with such big hearts!
You Go Girlz

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