Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sickle Cell Family Day

There are some events for the Polished Girlz that fill our cup as much as filling the cups of others. Sickle Cell Family Day was definately one of them. To be a part of this educational fun day was so heart warming.There was actually a line to wit for the Polished Girlz!
There were a young group of praise dancers performing which shows that there are so many creative ways for young people to express themselves. You had the youth volunteers from Polished Girlz making the girls feel beautiful on the outside, and the wonderful group of dancers filling our hearts on the inside.
Today Was a good  great day!
You Go Girlz!

The Polished Girlz would also like to send a warm welcome to NU NU! Our newest volunteer! NuNu is 11 yo nd did an amazing job on her first polish event! We cannot wait to see you again NuNu you are a rock star!

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