Sunday, May 22, 2011

America Does Have Talent!

Last night the Polished Girlz polished for the Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association
Although we polished our Girlz monthly this day was extraordinarily special. You see this night was talent night, and the talent was overwhelming.
We polished up our Girlz before, during, and after the show but there were a few acts that literally stopped us in our tracts.
Miss {O} ~ we feel like she is one our very own and when she took to the stage to play the piano it literally brought tears to my eyes, the melodies that came from this remarkable young lady made me want to work harder, be better, and do more, and
 Miss {M}~ who we adore, visits us every month faithfully to get polished. To see her on that stage with no fear doing the hula hoop for the entire length of Sean Kingstons song Beautiful Girl makes us want to move faster, move more, and try harder.
These are only a couple of the extraordinary talents that took to the stage this night; spelling, dancing,cheering,and showing off their sports skills  proving to everyone how talented they are.
They were not talented children with Down Syndrome, they were simply talented, strong, fearless  remarkable, children that reminded us even though we are polishing them, having the honor of being in their presence is really polishing us.
We are very proud of you ladies and gentlemen and we absolutely cannot wait to see you next month.
The Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association will have their Annual Buddy walk in September The Polished Girlz will be there to support them and we hope to see you their as well.
With Love
The Polished Girlz

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