Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Polished Thank You OPI

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On Monday we received a package like no other from the wonderful company OPI! This gracious donation will allow the Polished Girlz to "polish" over 400 hospitalized or medically fragile children that are unable to share polishes, while giving them the same great style and colors that our other special needs clients enjoy.
 For the Polished Girlz Team, this was the very first major donation that we have ever received and I will tell you we were simply blown away.
OPI not only encouraged our great work by ensuring that we had the supplies needed to complete our service, but they were warm, loving and caring though the entire process. Gabriel {C} at OPI went above and beyond for us and we promise to never let them down.
The Polished Girlz was started initially by Alanna Jai Wall at the age of 10, wanting not only to serve her community, but to encourage emerging young leaders to do the same, and for our clients, they are given peer support and attention while learning the importance of hand washing, self perception, and hygiene.
 It is amazing the simple act of "polishing" someones nails can turn into a life altering event for all involved.
I am so proud of these young volunteers, taking the initiative to serve others and give their vacation time, and holiday time, half school day time, and sometimes even weekend time to brighten someone Else's day.
Thanks to OPI, because of you, we can serve so many more children and it is our pleasure and our honor! We love you OPI.

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