Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Polished Girlz are Going to Africa!

Everyday there is something new with this remarkable organization, more clients to serve,  and more volunteers willing to help, but we have never received a request quite like this! The Polished Girlz have been invited Ghana, West Africa!
We will  be Polishing the medically fragile children there, and it will be an experience of a lifetime for volunteers and clients alike.
How many times does such a young organization such as this get to travel around the globe to build a presence and serve such a beautiful people? We hope many, many more!
Parents often ask what is in Alanna's heart that has made her such a giving spirit at such a young age, I don't have a clear answer but I know that in our home service is rewarded and applauded. You are praised just as much for helping someone else as you are for getting good grades and helping yourself. We try to teach her to be selfless and kind but she was born with a heart of gold, we just try to "polish" it from time to time.
We welcome with love, Sue Vickers our Director of Global Affairs.

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