Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Wesley Center~We are all Girlz at Heart


The "Polished Girlz" founder Alanna Jai Wall with 96 year old Ms Freeman of the Wesley Center.

Last week the Polished Girlz participated in an inter-generational service activity for the Wesley Center. Just being around these remarkable Ladies gave Alanna the opportunity to serve those that have been serving others for so long. 96 year old Ms Freeman said that she had been working since she was 6 years old and to see Alanna serving at such a young age was a "beautiful thing".  The Ladies talked about how they are going to hit the dance floor and go out in nice dresses, all because they got their nails done.
They felt pretty and sharp and were amazed at Alannas creativity and nail art. Some of the Ladies even let Alanna do whatever she wanted, and smiled form ear to ear when they saw her choices, especially when she added the glitter!
Well Ladies I think that we have all been "polished" by this opportunity and we cannot wait to see you again ~ Soon

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