Monday, March 14, 2011

A Princess and Her Polish

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Today the Polished Girlz received a donation of love and generosity from two of the most influential women to the concept behind this entire organization.
We received of 15 new nail polishes and nail decals from Princess Kimberlie and her Phenomenal mother Queen {K}.
Almost three years ago Queen {K}'s battle with breast cancer and Princess Kimberlie's love of all things pink,  posh,  and  polished encouraged Alanna to want to create and donate bedazzled scarves for women and children with cancer.
After much research and brainstorming, and the wonderful knowledge from Queen {K} that sometimes patients with Cancer have very sensitive scalps, and the scarves may make them uncomfortable, 8 year old Alanna decided to hold off on the project until we could find a project that would both make these special women feel good, and not in any way make them hurt.
After Alanna was introduced to glitter nails on a trip to LasVegas, her passion was again sparked. We could paint nails! Princess Kimberlie was known all over for her hot pink and bedazzled office gear, what if we combine Alannas love of art, glitter and all things girlie to make young girls with special needs, or health risk smile all over. With Polish!
The Polished Girlz were born. At years end we will have touched the lives of over 200 children, next year we hope to more than double that number, and with an expansion to Chicago this spring it not just possible it is probable.
With the love and support of our community leaders and Fairy Godmothers, a host of volunteers and support staff, the Polished Girlz are on their way to making a real difference.
What is our long term goal, to raise enough money to help support the researchers that are finding a cure for cancer, Queen {K} the Polished Girls would like to dedicate that goal in your honor.

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