Thursday, March 10, 2011

Welcome to Polished Girlz- Volunteer Youth Nail Glam Team

Hello All,
 Welcome to the Polished Girlz blog! On this blog you will find cool updates on the Polished Girlz non profit organization. We are a group of kids that polish nails for girls with special needs.
 The Polished Girlz Organization was started by 10yo Alanna J. Wall, we hope to leave every girl we visit feeling Polished and we love seeing the smiles on the girls faces when we have done nail art for them.
We also hearing the words of love,encouragement and support for our team so feel free to leave a comment. This blog will give updates on our cool sponsors, celebrity endorsements, and fairy godmothers, but most importantly this blog will share the wonderful stories of the good work that we are doing and how these teams may soon spread all over the United States, we hope so because as we always say, "every girl should feel polished."

Love-The Girlz

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