Saturday, March 19, 2011

All that Glitters

The Polished Girlz have so many exciting events coming up this year and we cannot wait to fill you in! One event in particular- our biggest event ever will have over 2000 people in attendance Whoa, more on that in the very near future! We are also in the process of our new blog design by one of the best designers ever and website launch!
In the interest of organization we are going to transition our post in a way that will make for easy navigation when the new blog launches so that readers will already be familiar with the new blog headers.

All That glitters
All that glitters will spotlight the organizations that we are working with, and wonderful stories about great children with special needs so that they become as close to your heart as they are in ours.
Yesterday we {Polished} the Down Syndrome Association of the Miami Valley, it was our second time and what a pleasure! The Founder of the organization Ms Patty Ann Dixon was there and gave the girls lots of love and support and was so excited to have them there.
One of the coolest things of the night was that when we arrived and walked around the corner we heard little whispers "The Polished Girlz are here!" that made us feel better than they will ever know.

We had a wonderful experience with the beautiful Ms {L}, who was polished by our very own founder 10 year old  Ms Alanna, Ms {L] is an adult, and after she was done with her service she held out her hands and said " I got my nails done, and I'm going on a date, to the movies and out to dinner!" Ms {L} we are so happy that we could make you smile!

We were super excited to have new team member {Sophia} who did an awesome job! After her in service she jumped right in there and got to work. Hard work and volunteering are nothing new for {Sophia}, at the tender age of 12 she had volunteered more than 500 hours with the humane society saving the lives of animals and helping them find their forever homes. Sophia it was a pleasure to have you, we cannot wait until our next event!

This is truly a work of Heart!
Enjoy- The Girlz


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  2. So special. What joy it must give you to bring happiness to others. May God bless your ministry.

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